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It's Indigenous Peoples Day and the Only Christopher We Recognize is Wallace!

Most of the country is off work today celebrating the day a white man ran up on a country full of beautiful people, slaughtered half, sold most and sent the rest to live on dying land. Yeah, columbus day (no caps granted). The peaceful landing we were taught in school was a lie, a horrible lie, drafted to make colonizers feel good about themselves so that they can sleep at night.

The eraser of hundreds of thousands of Indigenous people, who inhabited this land, cared for this land and loved this land, long before the others declared "this land is your land, this land is my land, this land is made for you and me" but only if you're white. The record of their culture, their history can be found on reservations, in sacred songs and in the DNA of a proud few and, because of that, we refuse to celebrate their attempted annihilation.

This year is the first year that my states capitol, columbus, decided to join us in skipping the reverence of this day in favor of Veteran's day to pay our respects to people who deserve it. We applaud them for their decision.

In order to find something more positive about the day, we took to Twitter to find something to distract us from the other foolishness going on in the country. We thought that, much like the rest of us, you'd enjoy a break too!

Get into these anti-columbus day tweets below!

And the best one of them all came in the form of a throwback film!

I think the country gets what we're trying to say. . . F*(k columbus!

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