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Oprah and Michelle Obama Headline the New "Be Bold, Baby" Book Series for Children!

(Insert claps where appropriate) IT'S. ABOUT. TIME. A new series of children's books are hitting the bookshelves and they promote positivity for young girls. Not saying that our little boys need to be left out but, how often do you see books for young readers that DON'T feature princesses or tomboys for little girls? IT'S RARE!

The "Be Bold, Baby" series will feature courageous women from all different eras like Rosa Parks, Katherine Hepburn and of course Oprah Winfrey and our favorite FLOTUS Michelle Obama.

The books highlight each woman's accomplishments, shows their strengths and encourages young readers (or listeners) to be curious, generous and present.

An exclusive peek from the Daily Mail gives us a brief outline of just how awesome these books are!

"Inside the 20-page book, Oprah Winfrey, 64, is drawn as a young girl, practicing her talk show format on her stuffed animals and crows sitting on a white picket fence.

An illustration of the media queen with her pal Gayle King is captioned, 'Be Loyal' with the Oprah quote, 'Surround yourself only with people who are going to lift you higher.

'Oprah is pictured reading with a stack of books at her side with 'Be Passionate: Some Women have a weakness for shoes…I can go barefoot if necessary, I have a weakness for books.

'It inspires kids to be 'motivated' like Oprah by depicting the talk show queen as a versatile accomplished woman on the cover of Vogue, running her company OWN, winning awards, as well as doing everyday activities such as gardening and exercising.

There's even a 'Be Honorable' portrait of Oprah receiving the Presidential Medal of Freedom from her pal President Barack Obama in 2013."

"Former First Lady Michelle Obama, 54, has penned her own book, Becoming, that will be released November 13, but the Be Bold Baby's version of her story will beat her to the shelves."

"The playful side of Michelle is seen in an illustration of her hula hooping, 'I want to be this really fly 80-,90-year old,' quote.Michelle's off-the-shoulder white ball gown by Jason Wu makes an appearance as well with 'Be Elegant.'"

How adorable are these illustrations? Talk about representation! And guess what. . . the author of the series ISN'T African American!

The "Be Bold, Baby" books hit shelves on October 16 and can also be purchased on Amazon! I don't even have small children in my life but I'm still going to grab these for myself!

We all know that early literacy is super important so, is this series something you're going to pick up for the little ones in your life? Let's chat about this in the comments below!

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