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Anika Noni Rose Takes Our Beef with Princess Tiana's New Face Straight to the Top!

Almost 10 years ago the world was introduced to the very first African American Disney Princess. Little Brown girls, and their mothers, went wild over the introduction of a princess with cocoa colored skin, full lips and a round nose. Princess Tiana was familiar to all of us. She was the princess that I wish I could have seen growing up when I was forming my own beliefs on what beautiful meant. She is the reason little girls wear afro puffs proudly. Why they believe they, too, can marry a prince.

We were enamored with her! She was our nod to the world finally accepting our natural beauty.

Was. . .

Until the recent revival of her character for the new "Wreck it Ralph 2" film. Tiana's character first appeared in the trailer for the film and hundreds of us were left wondering who the new girl was? Her skin was lighter, her hair was lighter, the nose was smaller, lips thinner. She couldn't possibly be OUR Princess Tiana. However, process of elimination would prove us all wrong.

Black Twitter went into action, tweeting, DM'ing and protesting to anyone who would hear us. We were NOT here for the whitewashing of our beloved Princess. Finally, Anika Noni Rose, the actress who voiced Princess Tiana in the 2009 film, had had enough and took matters in her own hands.

She posted a lengthy statement to her Instagram saying that SHE had a hand in saying what the original Tiana would look like, she wanted her to favor her and have darker skin. The new look was unacceptable and she wasn't going to have it either. If you've got time, swipe through her message.

Look, sis went to the TOP and got it handled like she's the cousin of Olivia Pope! Now, images of a new Tiana are circulating the internet and we couldn't be more pleased!

After all of this, I'm sure tons of us are going to go see the movie just to make sure that Disney kept their word throughout THE ENTIRE film and not just a few publicity shots! Will you be seeing "Wreck it Ralph 2" when it hits theaters November 21st?

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