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When Trying to be a Bigot Goes Wrong! Orlando Man Writes a Check his Butt Can't Cash! [WATCH]

By now we all know that Florida is a "Stand Your Ground" state. It's practically legal to shoot someone when you feel threatened and then walk away scott-free, even if the other person dies. We found this to be infuriating but true in the death of Trayvon Martin in 2012 and Markeis McGlothon in July of this year.

"Stand Your Ground" appears to protect only white citizens as Marissa Alexander, an African-American woman who shot AT her abuser, tried to use the defense in her gun case. She was denied the use of this priviledge. No one died but Alexander received a 20 year prison sentence and served half a dozen before her sentence was overturned.

With all of this knowledge, it is almost mind boggling that an African-American man, in the state of Florida, put his life and freedom on the line to defend a woman he didn't know.

In the video, shot by another witness, a white man can be seen speaking and acting aggressively toward a heavily pregnant African-American woman. The woman repeatedly tells the man to get out of her face but, he steps closer. The woman looks around the scene for help and that's when, in the heat of the argument, a Brother in a hat comes in to save the day. Watch.

Tariq Nasheed was the first to break the story and, as of yet, there arent' any further details. Hopefully this man went on about his business and didn't get everything he deserved. We'll keep you updated when more to the story emerges.

I'm convinced that this man is possessed or has some sort of mental health issue. Either way, take a line from the great Kenny Rogers and "learn when to walk away".


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