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"He Shot My Babies!" Ohio Man Shoots and Kills His Girlfriend's Children After an Argu

Lord Jesus this is absolutely HORRIBLE! Last night while most of us were watching the Bobby Brown Story on BET a heinous crime was being committed in Garfield Heights, Ohio.

Neighbors in the area were startled when a woman came banging on their door crying that her boyfriend had shot her "babies"! reports:

"Multiple children were shot just after 9:30 p.m. at the home on East 86th Street near Garfield Boulevard, the union that represents Garfield Heights firefighters said on Facebook. A SWAT unit then surrounded a home where the shooter is believed to be barricaded inside, authorities said.

The shooting happened after a woman fought with her boyfriend, a neighbor told

Neighbor Connie Allshouse said the woman ran over to her home and asked Allshouse to call police.

"Call 911, Connie. He shot my babies, he shot my babies," Allshouse, 67, described the woman as saying.

SWAT members asked Allshouse and other neighbors to evacuate their homes.

Allshouse said the woman fought with her boyfriend and the woman's 17-year-old son tried to break it up. The woman told her son to run away and his 19-year-old sister would soon be returning home from work.

Allshouse said she heard four to five gunshots before the woman knocked on her door screaming for help. Allshouse's husband ran outside and found the woman's son and daughter lying on the ground, Allshouse said.

The son "didn't look too good," Allshouse said. The son and daughter were taken to hospitals for treatment; authorities have not given updates on their conditions.

Allshouse said the woman was "always afraid" of her boyfriend.

"He always threatened her and said he would kill them and set the house on fire," Allshouse said.

More than a dozens police cars, ambulances and fire trucks lined the street just after midnight. Officers with the Valley View, Bedford and Solon police departments were also at the scene.

East 86th Street is closed in the area. An armored SWAT vehicle was seen arriving just before midnight. SWAT officers told spectators and reporters to move several yards away as they approached the home with high-powered rifles and bulletproof vests.

The street is typically quiet, Allshouse said, but she was afraid fights over the last four or five years would escalate.

"I always knew this would happen," she said bursting into tears. "And it finally really happened."

This story is still developing and we'll keep you all updated as more details emerge. If you can, please keep this family in your prayers.

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