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Did Gladys Knight Reveal that She was Diagnosed with Pancreatic Cancer, Just Like Aretha Franklin?

We'll never know why the Lord gives us certain battles to fight but we do know that He is sovereign and perfect in all of His ways.

On the heels of losing the Queen of Soul, Aretha Franklin, we have now learned that her good friend and fellow music pioneer Gladys Knight has been, allegedly, diagnosed with pancreatic cancer. The same disease that claimed the life of Aretha Franklin.

"During the funeral of a soul music icon who died of pancreatic cancer, another Detroit singing legend revealed Thursday she shared with Aretha that she "had the same disease."

"While attending services for Aretha Franklin at Greater Grace Temple in Detroit, fellow recording artist Gladys Knight, 74, made the comment to WDIV-TV (Channel 4) as she entered the church Thursday."

"We shared the fact that we had the same disease," the seven-time Grammy Award winner said during a live broadcast with the TV station. Javier Delgado, her publicist, said she does not have cancer and he was not sure what she meant by the comments in the broadcast."

Only time will tell if the statement was actually true or a miscommunication.



Ms. Knight's publicist, and her assistant, have both confirmed that she is indeed HEALTHY. "She's healthy. Someone must have misinterpreted," said Javier Delgado, a publicist with JDS PR, which represents Ms. Knight.

"Knight talked about the last time she had spoken to her “sister” Franklin while staying at the same hotel: “So we got to talking and everything, and at that time we shared the fact that we had the same disease,” said Knight. She did not elaborate.

Publicist Jay D. Schwartz said he did not know what Knight meant by the comment. “(But) she is fine and does not have pancreatic cancer.”

Knight was an unannounced addition to the funeral proceedings, and performed two songs near the end of the services: "You'll Never Walk Alone" and "Bridge Over Troubled Water."



Gladys Knight contacted TMZ directly to address the miscommunication. She said "I'd like to clarify that Aretha and I discussed both of us having cancer, mine was stage 1 breast cancer and hers was pancreatic. Due to early detection, I am cancer-free and grateful for that."

"It is unfortunate that on a day we should be celebrating Aretha's life and massive contribution to our world, a reporter who did not relay accurate information has missed the message. I send my love to the entire Franklin family and my gratitude to them for sharing such an extraordinary person with us."

This is definitely a blessing!

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