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O.G. Heart Throb, El DeBarge, Arrested for Wrenching a Windshield!

80's heart throb and pretty boy El DeBarge hasn't always been known for his charm and good looks. Nope, the falsetto Fabio has had somewhat of a checkered past. Although he grew up in the church, DeBarge strayed away (like many do) and got busted several times in the early 2000's for drug use and possession.

DeBarge has lived a relatively clean life since his last stint in rehab in 2011 and has been on the straight and narrow. . . until last Friday that is.

Via TMZ:

"DeBarge got into an argument Friday night in the San Fernando Valley and chased a man out of a house ... forcing him to retreat to a nearby RV.

We're told DeBarge was not deterred, and followed after the guy with a wrench, which he allegedly smashed into the RV's windshield. That's when the other guy called police, who arrested DeBarge for felony vandalism.

We're told DeBarge spent a night in jail before posting $20k bail."

Let's hope this was some type of misunderstanding gone bad. In the meantime, catch this throwback "Lay With You" featuring Faith Evans.

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