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Fed up! Woman Climbs to Sit at the Feet of the Statue of Liberty in I.C.E. Protest. [WATCH]

Yesterday when most of the country was celebrating that day of it's independence, one woman was staging a protest that captured national attention! The woman, later identified as Therese Patricia Okoumou an immigrant from the Democratic of Congo, climbed up the platform on which Lady Liberty stands and sat down at her feet. She wasn't disrespectful, she wasn't violent but, she was fed up!

Okoumou, along with other protestors took to the Statue of Liberty to reiterate the message that the monument originally stood for! A country where immigrants could find peace and safety. She climbed the statue, sat down and help up a T-shirt that said "Trumpcare Makes Us Sick" on the front with the back saying "Rise and Resist", calling the nation to action.

Okoumou took things a step further and actually climbed the statue which led to an all out frenzy for the city! Watch video of the incident below.

Okoumou was eventually retrieved and arrested along with other protestors as criminals but, the nation at large are hailing them as heroes!

Okoumou is still in jail but other activists are vowing to pay her bail and have her released. This is how governments are overthrown and change is made. Therese Patricia Okoumou IS a hero!


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