Macy Gray wants a "Sugar Daddy"! New Video with "Lady Sings the Blues" Nod. [WAT

Macy Gray has been out of the spotlight so long, we forgot she made great music! Well, she's back with her signature sound and giving us every inch of an updated "Lady Sings the Blues" style video for her newest single, "Sugar Daddy".

For those of you who have never seen the iconic film (where have you been?) it stars Diana Ross as Billie Holiday and Billy Dee Williams as Louis McKay. The famous scene, recreated for the video, happens when a young Billie is too shy to sing in public when finally given the chance. Take a look.

In "Sugar Daddy", Macy wears a similar styled red dress, in an updated bar but the "Louis McKay" to her "Billie Holiday" is what caught us off guard!

YASSSS! Evan Ross, the youngest son of Diana Ross, made the perfect "Louis" cameo for this video! The song is great and the video for it is absolutely perfect! Welcome back Macy Gray!

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