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Beyonce' Wishes Sir and Rumi a Happy Birthday While on the Run! [WATCH]

Beyonce' and Jay-Z's bouncing bundles turned one year old yesterday and thousands of Beehive members threw parties to commemorate it.

The proud parents are currently in the first leg of their "On The Run II" tour so we figured there wasn't going to be a celebratory run to Chuck E. Cheese, or where ever super rich kids celebrate their birthdays but, Queen Bey took it one step further and wished them a Happy Birthday in front of a stadium full of fans in Manchester England.

In case you didn't hear her she said "Happy Birthday to Sir and Rumi" and the crowd went wild! Sir got named in the shout out first even though he was born second and we've seen the proof!

Don't ask where we got those from. . .

We can't wait until these two get to crash the Grammys and walk the red carpet like their big sister Blue Ivy! Beyonce' and Jay are definitely going to have their hands full!

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