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Couple Arrested After Waffle House Employee Calls the Cops Over Bill Questions. [WATCH]

I don't know what it's finally going to take for these restaurants to finally learn. Maybe a hefty lawsuit, a boycott or some serious Malcolm X type of carrying on but something has got to give.

In April a Black woman by the name of Chikesia Clemons was arrested for allegedly asking for "to go" cutlery when she picked up a carry-out order from a Waffle House restaurant in Alabama. The video of the incident circled the globe and caused customers to speak out against the establishment. Many vowed never to patronize the restaurant ever again. Some, however, kept right on giving them their money.

Now, a new incident has come to light. Video has surfaced of a Black couple being arrested for allegedly asking their waitress to explain why their bill was "so high". The waitress called the police who showed up and asked the couple to come outside to "talk". The video ended with both of them in handcuffs.

It looks like Starbucks isn't the only one who needs training on how to handle diverse customers. This all could have been avoided if someone had just explained what the additional charges were for! Good grief. Are we done eating at Waffle Houses yet?


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