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Car Crashing into Florida Toll Booth and Ejected Passenger Caught on Video! [WATCH]

New traffic footage has just surfaced showing a terrifying crash that left five people hospitalized in Osceola, Florida.

The accident happened just at 7am on Saturday June 3, 2018 at a toll booth plaza. In the video the vehicle can be seen barreling toward the center divider between the toll plaza's 13th and 14th lanes. The vehicle then strikes the median, ejecting the front seat passenger into lane 14 and then coming to a stop in lane 13.

The accident caught everyone in the area by surprise and it took at least 20 full seconds before anyone seemed to notice that the passenger had been ejected and was laying next to a car that was paying a toll in lane 14.

We would like to warn you, the video of the incident is shocking.

The Florida State Highway patrol attribute this accident to the drivers fatigue. All five passengers were taken to an area hospital and have since been released. Thank God for guardian angels!


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