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Delaware Burger King Busted After Video of Rats Playing in a Bag of Buns Hits the Internet! [WATCH]

Every day something happens in this country that makes me think I've seen and heard it all. Every day, I'm wrong!

A Burger King restaurant in Delaware was TEMPORARILY CLOSED after an area resident posted a video to Facebook showing two rats playing around in a closed bag of buns! The woman posted the video with the caption "Don’t go to Burger King on 202 (rats are) running all over their buns ... (at) Wilmington Delaware Concord Pike" and the video sent viewers into a frenzy!

According to Delaware Online:

"The state Division of Public Health Office of Food Protection received a complaint on Friday, June 1, and video footage appeared to show rodents in bags of rolls at the Concord Pike Burger King, according to Andrea Wojcik, spokeswoman for the Division of Public Health.

State health inspectors went to the restaurant at 11:45 a.m. Friday to conduct a visual inspection of the premises and the complaint was founded, according to a report.

In a June 1 letter to the restaurant owner, Rackson Restaurants LLC, the Division of Public Health's Dr. Karyl Rattay ordered the restaurant closed due to an "imminent health hazard" because of "gross unsanitary conditions" and "rodent infestation."

A spokesperson for Burger King said Monday night in an email statement that the restaurant was independently owned and operated. The company has contacted the owner to "investigate this matter and ensure they take the appropriate measures."

Check out the written cease and desist and the initial inspection report!

As it turns out, the restaurant's owners thought this was a pretty fixable problem and their store reopened for business yesterday!

"The restaurant was serving food and drinks Tuesday, but there were no customers in the store at 8 a.m. A sign on the front door said: "Now hiring cashiers and sandwich makers" and invited people to a job fair June 11 from 9 to 11 a.m.

"A career with Burger King is a career with a future!" the sign read. "When you work for us, you are part of one of the best restaurant companies in the world.

"According to the inspection report from Friday, rodent droppings were found on and inside of the hamburger and chicken sandwich rolls. The plastic covering and the rolls themselves were chewed by the rodents. Wooden pallets that the rolls were stored on had droppings on them, the report said.

Droppings also were found in the floor near the ice machine, the water heater, under dry storage, near syrup storage boxes and behind fryers, the report said.Seven pallets of buns and rolls were discarded due to the contamination, the report said.

The inspector noted that during her visit, chicken sandwich rolls were being used. They were then discarded. In addition to the rodent droppings, the restaurant's ceiling was leaking in the kitchen near the storage and food line, the report said.

Flies were coming from a drain close to where the rolls and buns are stored. The inspector said in her report that the restaurant will be reinspected on Monday and at that time a risk control plan will be discussed.

She said she will require management to show her a current pest service report, which must state that "service has increased and identify possible entrance points."The employees also must be trained on "food security issues" and documentation of that training will be needed for re-inspection, the report said. A new policy must be created for the delivery of bread."

Read their re-inspection report below.

They might be reopen for business but I don't know if I'd be patronizing them anytime soon!


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