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JLo Drops Some Jewels in "Dinero" Featuring DJ Khaled and Cardi B! [WATCH]

Jennifer Lopez is back and hotter than ever! In case you missed it, Lopez KILLED her live performance at the Billboard Music Awards this past weekend in what some are calling an homage to her idols Michael and Janet Jackson. Catch the rewind below.

Although Cardi B is at home baking a belly full of Offset's baby, she is looking quite good in the official video! We don't know how she was able to pull off wearing a midriff shirt in her third trimester but homegirl nailed it.

The dance breaks are everything you'd expect from JLo and more. Jenny from the block is dancing like she's got something to prove! Get into the official "Dinero" video below.

Yeah, JLo still got it!

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