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Woman Returns Home From Work to Find Naked Intruder Bathing and Eating Cheetos!

Imagine coming home after a long day at work knowing you're going to soak in a nice hot bath and wash the day away.

Now imagine that when you pull back the shower curtain there's a naked stranger chilling in your tub eating your food!

This is exactly what happened to a Louisiana woman who found a complete stranger in her house on Tuesday!

Check the story:

"Evelyn Washington, 29, was found in the Monroe, Louisiana, home around 5pm, according to the arrest affidavit.

When the victim asked why Washington was in her home, she was said to have claimed that an 'unknown male told her to break in to the victim's residence.'

It is believed that Washington entered the home through a broken window where local authorities found tall ice chest situated underneath.

In the bathroom, officers found a bath full of water and a plate a food to the side of it. Half eaten Cheetos were on the toilet as well."

Police reports say that the accused does not even know the homeowner at all. She is currently in jail for burglary and criminal damage to property. Her bail has been set at $8,000. Let's hope she gets some help because CLEARLY there's something she needs more than just a bag of Cheetos.


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