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Nicki Minaj Releases Two New Tracks and Some Tea is Brewing! [LISTEN]

Nicki Minaj fans were beside themselves yesterday because she dropped two new tracks! The songs are hot but, the buzz around them is even hotter and it's not the Cardi beef (although it's swirling) that you're expecting.

First, listen to these great tracks before we get into the tea.

So far, the songs are doing amazing on the charts! Congrats Nicki!

Now, on to the tea! It looks like some fans are accusing gossip site The Shade Room of deleting positive Nicki messages from their Instagram posts. Nicki tweeted about the changing of her verse on the Migos song "Motorsport" and fans came to her defense only to have their comments deleted? Check these receipts.

Let's hope those supportive comments were just hidden and not deleted. . . that would be messy.

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