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Surveillance Footage Shows the Armed Robbery of Safaree! [WATCH]

The armed robbery of Rapper/Producer Safaree Samuels has been on everyone's lips mainly because of the interview that he did with Angie Martinez afterwards but, also because he'd once taken a picture with one of the robbers! Now, the unnerving surveillance footage has surfaced and it makes things look even worse!

Via TMZ:

"In the video -- obtained by TMZ -- you see Safaree next to his vehicle in a parking garage in a red fur coat, when 2 men who appear to be lying in wait run up on him and his friend with guns drawn.

The suspected robbers -- Shawn Harewood and Jonathan Ricketts, who were captured by NYPD not long after the holdup -- can be seen going through Safaree's coat, presumably taking cash and valuables, before making him and his friend get facedown on the ground.

Once the perps flee the scene, Safaree and the other guy get up and take off in a mad dash."

Harewood had been an acquaintance of Safaree's but "they haven't spoken since Safaree and Nicki Minaj split. This lends credence to Safaree's lawyer, who told us this was not a random attack."

This just goes to show you, some folks will watch you rise just to be there to steal what you have.

After an ordeal like this, you might wonder how someone gets over having a gun pointed to their head? It's not easy but Safaree is putting in the work to put it all behind him.

Safaree has also rejoined his press tour for his new song "Hunnid". We wish him all the best!

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