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Richard Pryor's Son, Mason Pryor, Gets Boo'd Off the Apollo Stage and Steve Harvey Responds!

Sometimes, the talents of the parent ISN'T inherited by the children! We all know Bobbi-Kristina struggled to sing like Whitney and it looks like Mason Pryor just isn't as funny as his father!

Mason Pryor, one of comedy legend Richard Pryor's SEVEN children, made an appearance on "Showtime at the Apollo" and even though he is the spitting image of his father, he completely tanked in front of a theater full of people. The show, which was previously taped, airs tonight and from the sounds of it, it's going to be painful to watch.

This morning Steve Harvey, the host of "Apollo" took to his morning radio show to give folks a heads up about the young Pryor's comedic capabilities. Listen to the clip of Mason and Harvey's, along with his morning show crew's, response.

Not everyone who heard about the misfortunate event was against Pryor. One person took to Twitter to remind him of a very important fact!

Hey, Fantasia said it best, sometimes you have to lose to win again!

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