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Come Get Your Son! 14-Year-Old in California Busted Impersonating a Cop! [WATCH]

This child has clearly watched one too many episodes of "Law & Order", "CSI" and every other cop show! In San Bernadino, California a 14-year-old boy was arrested last night after he was ALLEGEDLY caught impersonating a police officer! The teen was outfitted with flashing lights, uniform and even a fake service weapon. Talk about taking your method acting seriously!

The boy's antics were brought to light after he made a stop at a residence saying that he was responding to a "domestic disturbance' call. When the homeowner said that no one at the residence had placed that call and closed their door. The teen then tried to open the door to the home but, fortunately, it was locked.

This wasn't his first attempt at "protecting and serving" because earlier that week, reports say that:

"A further investigation revealed two additional incidents on Monday night when the teen allegedly impersonated a law enforcement officer, including one where police say he pulled over a female motorist in the area of Amethyst Road.The suspect was able to get the driver’s information and he let her go with a warning, according to the release.

In another case, the teen activated his emergency lights in the area of Cobalt Road, prompting a 16-year-old boy to come out of his home.

Like in the first case, the teen said he was responding to the residence to investigate a domestic disturbance call. He left upon being told there was no disturbance at the location, according to the release.

Authorities learned the teen was the great-grandson of the vehicle’s registered owner, with whom he lived, Victorville sheriff’s station spokeswoman Maria Rodriguez told the Sun.

During a search of the boy’s home, detectives found the uniform worn during the three incidents as well as other various items including the ballistic vests and fake firearms


The boy, who was on probation at the time of his arrest, was arrested and booked at the High Desert Juvenile Detention Center."

Check out the detailed costume that he wore!

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