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"Black Panther" Break Out Star Letitia Wright Opens Up About Depression. "In the Blac

Well, it looks like Shuri is good at more than just creating the greatest technology on earth. She's good at opening doors for the conversation we all need to have, but won't. 24 year old actress, Letitia Wright, who plays Shuri the younger sister of King T'Challa and wiz kid in Marvel's "Black Panther", recently opened up about her struggles with depression and why it's important to address it in the Black community.

Wright openly spoke to Teen Vogue about taking two years "off" to "break a repetitive cycle" and take care of her mental health.

"In the black community, it’s something that happens, but we don't speak about it,' she said.

We have to continue to talk about it and bring it straight to the forefront. And [that doesn’t only apply to] the black community but different races as well.

I speak boldly about [depression] because I struggled with it and I tried to find different ways [to heal], and it just didn't work,' she explained.

I had to look deeper to find what could hold me, and I found that what held me together was my relationship with Jesus and my relationship with God."

I'm so glad Letitia chose to bring this subject to light. Oftentimes women in the Black community see depression as a secret ailment to be suffered in silence and never to be spoken of publicly. Letitia credits her faith in helping her get to the place that she is now and what a fantastic place it is. Letitia Wright will be returning to her snarky, yet brilliant, role of Shuri for "The Avengers: Infinity War" and she's in the newest Steven Spielberg movie "Ready Player One" that is due out on the 29th of this month!

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