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Chris Rock to Finally Release a New Stand-Up Special After 10 Year Hiatus!

Well look at God! Chris Rock is finally getting back on stage and behind a mic stand! The New York Times dropped the story first saying:

"On Wednesday, one decade after his last stand-up special, “Kill the Messenger,” Mr. Rock, one of the most acclaimed stand-up comics alive, will release a new Netflix production, shot at the Brooklyn Academy of Music, minutes away from the Bed-Stuy neighborhood where he grew up. Mr. Rock will be telling jokes he has developed from his recent global tour, which began exactly one year ago in Durham, N.C.

The special is called “Chris Rock: Tamborine,” a reference to a joke he tells about relationships during a part of his show where he delves into his divorce (Valentine’s Day is a pointed choice of release date)."

Listen, all of the O.G. Comedians are making comebacks and I'm here for it! Will you be tuning in?

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