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Tupac's Rape Accuser, Ayanna Jackson, Finally Addresses the Case Publicly. [WATCH]

In a, first time ever, public interview Ayanna Jackson spoke out about her 1993 rape case involving rapper Tupac Shakur. According to her, everything started off as a regular night hanging out with the star and a few of his friends when he asked her for a massage. That massage then led to a kiss and things went downhill from there.

Jackson, now 44, says she first met Tupac when she was 18 or 19 years old in a night club. They flirted, danced and had drinks together that night. Later, after hanging out at the club, they had consensual sex and spent the night together. The next morning he called a car to take her home and asked her to leave her number. She says she kept in touch with him, leaving messages for him and saw him a few times afterward to "hang out" and said that they didn't always have sex when they were together.

After establishing a trusted relationship with the rapper, Jackson went to meet him again, while he was filming "Above the Rim", at a hotel suite he was staying in. When she arrived he had friends over but invited her into his room to give him a massage and to be alone. During the massage, she heard someone open the door and enter the room. When she tried to turn her head to see who had come in, Jackson alleges that Shakur grabbed her by her braids and told her to "relax baby" and "these are my boys, I like you so much I decided to share you. . ." She says that she repeatedly told him "NO" and that "this is not what" she wanted. Hear the words from her lips as she recounts the night's events below.

Part 1

Part 2

Although Tupac is no longer with us to defend himself, he held to the fact that he was innocent until his death. After seeing this interview, what are your thoughts on the decades old story?

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