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Play or Pass:En Vouge Hits Us with New Music in a Futuristic Video for "Rocket"! [WATCH]

En Vogue is back and proving that they've still got it! The 90's girl group has had a change of bandmates but their sound is still the same. The group, now comprised of Cindy Herron and Terry Ellis, who are original members, along with newcomer Rhona Bennett, released the visuals for their new single "Rocket" much to diehard fans delight. The song is sultry, visually stunning and, if I had to make an En Vogue playlist, I'd put this song right after their 1996 hit "Don't Let Go". Take a listen and judge for yourself!

Great cinematography and the clothing choices were amazing!

If you're feeling this new joint you can grab it here!

I'm adding "Don't Let Go" just because it's a personal favorite and I need these two songs together in my life! Enjoy this throwback of all five of the original members.

Do you think this new song stands up to their past work or is it a pass for you?

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