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Clothing Store H & M in Hot Water for Racist "Monkey" Shirt!

I don't know how many times I have to ask companies to diversify their marketing teams to keep this kind of thing from happening but, it seems the clothing store H & M likes to be a repeat offender. They first drew controversy in 2015 when they ran an ad campaign in South Africa trying to show "positive" images with the absence of Black models. When confronted about the campaign, the company gave one of the worst responses known in public relations history.

You'd think they learned their lesson right? Wrong! They've launched new designs based around a "jungle" theme and decided to have the little child of color wear a shirt that says "Coolest Monkey in the Jungle"! There were other children in this campaign who could have worn the shirt but, it seems, to the public, that they are making a conscious decision to show African-American, and models of color, in a bad light. Check out the designs.

We, the public, are NOT having it! Blatant, and subliminal as well as micro, racism has to stop!

The following was written by an employee of the company.

Either this company is going to be held accountable for their advertising or they're going to suffer a lack in funds when those who were offended decide to never shop there again.

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