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ICYMI: Jay-Z's "Family Feud" is a Mini-Movie Masterpiece! [WATCH]

When the video first dropped on TIDAL last week, those without the subscription service were stuck watching short clips and previews. Even though TIDAL was offering their services for free during the holidays, it looks like there were thousands of people who opted not to hop on just to watch the video. Well, today's your lucky day "Family Feud" is now available to the masses.

Directed by famed director Ava Duvernay, the post-apocolyptic flashback mini-movie we see how the nations have evolved into a more, seemingly, harmonious collective. The constitution was rewritten by the "Founding Mothers" led by an adult Blue Ivy Carter, played by Susan Kelechi Watson from "This is Us", and surrounded by other female heads of state and diplomats. To say the video is star-studded is an understatement. It's literally DRIPPING with cameos.

David Oyelowo, Thandi Newton, Michael B. Jordan and young actress Storm Reid (who's in the forth coming "A Wrinkle in Time" film with Oprah) also make appearances in the video. Get into all of this epic goodness below!

After seeing the film, what are your thoughts?

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