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Say Whaaaat?!?! 36-Year-Old Restaurant Cook and Father of 7, Shot Dead Over Negative Yelp Reviews!

This is probably one of the most senseless crimes I've ever seen. In Manchester, Connecticut 36-year-old Norris Jackson was trying to make an honest living to provide for his seven children. Like most people in today's economic climate, he took a job that he disliked just to pay the bills. Jackson had been a cook at the Bonchon Chinese Restaurant since the summer of 2017 and had often expressed his displeasure with his work environment on social media.

The manager, James Groolsby, had been scheduling him to work very long hours in the mostly under-staffed restaurant. According to public Yelp reviews the restaurant was accused of serving small portions, being under-staffed, being unorganized and their lack of cleanliness. The negative reviews created some animosity between Jackson and Groolsby which came to a head in a heated argument on Sunday.

According to reports the two men got into an argument and Jackson allegedly disrespected Groolsby's girlfriend, 23-year-old Leanna Robitaille, who also works at the restaurant. Witnesses at the restaurant say that they saw Groolsby pull out a gun and pull the trigger, shooting Jackson four times and then flea the scene. Jackson was taken to an area hospital where he died from a gunshot to the neck. Jackson's mother, who wanted to help someone else live after this tragedy, donated his organs. His right kidney has already been placed in a 49-year-old man saving his life.

Groolsby was captured two days later at a warming center for the homeless in Hartford, Connecticut. Both Groolsby and Robitaille will be charged in the case, Groolsby for murder and Robitaille for hindering prosecution.

Groolsby's bail was set at $1 million, Robitaille's is $100,000 and they are set to reappear in court again on January 18, 2018. According to reports "The Korean restaurant chain issued this statement after the deadly shooting: 'We at Bonchon Franchise are deeply saddened by the tragic shooting in Manchester, CT today, and are deeply concerned about the family and friends who are suffering. Our thoughts and prayers are with the victim and their family as we also respect their privacy during this ordeal."

This is truly sad and could have been prevented.

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