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Jim Jones' Mother's Home Caught Fire on Christmas Day! [VIDEO]

This year, rapper and producer, Jim Jones has a lot more to be thankful for than presents under his tree. On Christmas day, when the family was gathered at his mother's home, the house caught fire. Thank God the entire family escaped without injury. He posted a video and updated his fans on his Instagram page saying:

"Today I was blessed wit th greatest Christmas gift in my life thus far and tht is my family gettin out of th house safe sound n wit out injuries We can always buy new houses new cars new evrything but we can't buy a new family On th flip side watchin my momma house burn touch my soul in ways I couldn't imagine I wasn't raised wit my mother but my son was and his whole life of memories gone in a flash If u know me then u know I'm gonna buy my family th biggest house I can afford and fill it wit more love The devil is always workin but so is my God I got faith Merry Christmas"

Watch the video below.

Thank God the whole family made it out safely. Prayers up as they recover from this loss.

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