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Ok Gurl. . . Keaton Jones Mother, Kimberly, Says "Anyone Who Knows Me Knows I'm Not Racist&

At this point, I believe those of us who genuinely felt sorry for Keaton Jones, the boy at the center of the bullying backlash, are still against bullying in any form, but over this family. Yesterday we reported that the family, most importantly the mother, of Keaton Jones were quite possibly racists. Does that change the fact that bullying is wrong? NO. Does it lessen the amount of sympathy you may have for his family. Many are saying absolutely YES!

TMZ also reported that a GoFundMe account that had been set to raise money for Keaton's "Christmas gifts" has been halted because another campaign surfaced raising funds for his support as well.

MMA fighter Joe Schilling reached out to Keaton's mother to invite them to one of his matches. The conversation quickly took a left turn. Check these receipts!

Keaton's mother, Kimberly Jones, appeared on Good Morning America and tried to set the record straight. Take a look.

Does any of this change your view of this particular situation? I think I smell a scam!

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