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Mel B Makes the Break-Up 100% Official With the Removal of Her Flesh! [PHOTOS]

If there was ever a way to show someone that you were done with them permanently, then Mel B has discovered it! The former Spice Girl had been battling her "almost"ex-husband, Stephen Belafonte, in divorce court claiming "irreconcilable differences" and spousal abuse since March of this year and the dust isn't officially settled.

The couple had been married since 2007, both have children from previous relationships and have one child together . It's their shared child that had the former couple locked in the middle of a nasty custody battle that just recently resolved. Both parents now have shared custody of the six year-old and NEITHER of them will have to pay child support to the other.

To celebrate getting rid of the situation, Mel B decided to have a personalized tattoo with her ex's name removed from the side of her ribcage. The tattoo used to read "Stephen, till death do us part you own my heart". When asked why she made the decision to have the skin removed, which resulted in 13 stitches and a small scar, Mel said "I wanted the tattoo removed to help close the final chapter on a toxic relationship. Even though I’ve taken the steps to remove Stephen’s name from my body, the domestic abuse will forever remain with me."

I've heard of washing the man out of your hair but I guess cutting the man out of your skin works too!


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