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Eminem Releases New Music and it's "Untouchable". [LISTEN]

Eminem has never been a stranger to controversy and his new song "Untouchable" is certainly going to stir the pot! This racially charged spotlight on "cop crimes" is going to have even more folks mad at him. Peep the lyrics!

"Black boy, Black boy we ain't gonna lie to you

Black boy, Black boy we don't like the sight of you

Pull up on the side of you

Window rolled down, profile

And we wonder why we see this side of you?

Probably coming from the dope house

We could let you slide but your tail light is blew out

We know you're hiding that Heidi Klum on you

Another drug charge homie, it's back inside for you"

But the shockingly accurate lyrics don't stop there. Eminem also addresses the fact that White police officers are RARELY ever held accountable for their actions.

"No one's ever indicted you, why?

Cuz you're a White boy

White boy, you're a rock star

White boy, White boy in your cop car"

Whew! This is too much but right on time. Take a listen to "Untouchable" down below!

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