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Great XScape! Tamika Takes a Tumble! [VIDEO]

Every artist has their day when an onstage mishap happens and over the weekend XScape's Tamika Scott got her turn. While doing a choreographed quick change, where the backup dancers removed their overalls, Tamika got caught up in the leg portion of her orange jumpsuit and went sprawling forward. She was able to catch herself before she face planted but got up unassisted, winded, shaken but still ready to laugh it off (readjust her breasts) and sing!

Go ahead and get a good look at the embarrassing moment below!

Tamika isn't the only famous person to take a tumble while performing. Honestly, when you match hers up with Beyonce falling down a flight of stairs, it's really not that bad. Take a look at some other famous falls that happened on stage!

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