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Malia Obama Caught Being Normal and Twitter Comes to Her Defense! [WATCH]

I don't know exactly what they folks in this country think college kids do when they're away from home but, I can assure you they do way more than study! Tons of young adults go away to college and party, smoke, drink and hook up with classmates and Former President Barack Obama's daughter, Malia, is no different. The ONLY differences between Malia Obama and the rest of the world is that her father is a former president and she had disloyal, trifling', friends.

One of Malia's "friends" recorded the following video and posted it online.

It's unclear if she was smoking a cigarette, cigar, hookah or something else but, what I will say is, "What's the big deal?" She's of legal age to buy tobacco products and frankly, she's not smoking and damaging our lungs. Although many folks hopped on their keyboards to condemn the young lady, people came out in droves to defend her, shade her friends and put others in their place.

Check out these tweets!

She's living every college students dream. . . Living in a world where she doesn't have to worry about the threat of student loans!

Welp. . . I guess folks should worry more about the state of their own business as opposed to what Malia is getting into in college!

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