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Evelyn Braxton Still Out Here Spilling Tea! Claims She "Barricaded" Herself and Little Log

Evelyn Braxton went on the television show "Sister Circle" to promote her cookbook and to talk about Tamar and Vince's business once again. She first spoke out about Tamar and Vince's domestic violence rumors last week, if you missed it, you can catch it here. If you've ever watched "The Braxton Family Values" you'll know that Evelyn lived with Tamar for a few years when Tamar was pregnant and even after her son Logan was born. Evelyn says that she realized parents should not live with their adult children because, in her words,"You see to much, you hear too much and you know too much. . ."

Evelyn goes on to say that she woke up in the middle of the night and saw Vincent "abusing" Tamar in the family's kitchen. When she confronted Vince she said that he turned his rage on her and she fled to a bedroom to "barricade" herself and the couples young son, Logan, in by placing a chair under the door. The discussion starts around the 2:19 mark and continues throughout the rest of the video basically. Take a look.

The fact that she said "mental abuse builds you up for a fist" really hit home. I know countless people who never saw the fist coming because they dismissed the man's violent words as just hot air. "Words have power, it's just like a bullet. It enters into the heart and it kills." I totally get the message that Miss E. is conveying victims of domestic violence have to speak up, or someone speak up for them. Words lead to actions and some actions lead to death.

What are your thoughts on Miss Evelyn's interview?

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