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"I Am Now Living In Fear. . ." New Details Emerge about Jennifer Hudson's Restraining

Lord this thing is just getting messier and messier! We reported earlier today that Jennifer Hudson and her long-time fiancé, David Otunga, had come to a parting of ways and that she'd filed a restraining order against him! At first, word came from David's camp stating that Hudson filed for the restraining order because she feared losing custody of her son. Well new tea has been gathered and spilled and that is simply NOT the case!

TMZ got their hands on the documents and found out that all of this happened only 48 hours ago!

"She claims David has exhibited "aggressive, threatening and harassing behavior toward me." She says, "I am now living in fear of further action David might take."She claims on Wednesday she was at a recording session in Chicago with their son, David Jr., and David made a series of phone calls to reach her. When he couldn't get her, he asked their son to record the scene. Hudson says David wanted their son to show she was dating one of her producers ... something she denies.

She says when she got home David was visibly angry, grabbed David Jr. by the hand and physically pushed Hudson out of the master suite. She claims their son, a makeup artist and an assistant all witnessed the incident.

She says this was just the most recent in a pattern of escalating and threatening behavior and she says she's especially concerned because David is a 6'3" 240 lb professional wrestler.

Hudson goes on to say in legal docs, on occasion David left a gun and holster on their kitchen counter. He said it was a movie prop, but Hudson says, "David knows that I am and have been very sensitive to firearms after my mother and my brother were murdered by a firearm." She says, "I believe that he left it out to taunt, intimidate and frighten me, which he absolutely accomplished."

The order of protection gives Hudson exclusive possession of their residence and orders David to stay away from her and their son.

Jennifer's custody petition, which she also filed, asks the judge to give her "significant decision-making responsibilities." Her petition says she's been "solely responsible for making all major decisions" for their son. Our sources say David says it's exactly the opposite.

David was not present in court when Jennifer got the order, and he says she has made up all of her allegations to gain an advantage in their custody dispute."

After gaining her protection order, JHud had the authorities remove Otunga from their family home. Word on the street is, the couple have been separated for a few months and are back in forth in the courts trying to come to a custody agreement for their 8 year-old son, David Jr.

Looks like my wishes that this would all be settled peacefully aren't going to be granted. Let's just sit back and see what color Shug Avery makes on the wall next time!

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