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ICYMI: Tiffany Haddish Made History on Saturday Night Live! [WATCH]

My favorite female comedian Tiffany Haddish made history on Saturday when she became the FIRST African-American female comedian to ever host the show! Listen, I took a nap in order to watch the show, that's how dedicated I am to my fandom of Tiffany Haddish! If you happened to miss it, don't worry, I've got the best moments of the show right here waiting for you! Get into this epic event!

Tiffany was cast as a "Mortal Kombat" style video game combat fighter and it was everything you think a character named "Boo Boo Jeffries" would be.

Her ability to pull off a Cardi B AND Mary J. Blige impersonation in "The Lion King Screen Tests" was so on point that I was literally hollering!

The most awkward, unscripted and hilarious moments occurred in a segment called "Whiskers R We" where Tiffany played a cat lady, with real frisky kittens. Take a look!

The Last Black Unicorn

Finally, "Get Woke with Tamika".

I can't wait to see what else Tiffany Haddish has up her sleeve!

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