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Didn't Will and Jada Tell Tyrese to Stay Off of the Internet? Well, He Didn't! [WATCH]

It's been a rough few months for Tyrese Gibson and he'll be the first one to tell you, HE'S BROKE. After his social media meltdown actors Will and Jada Smith gave Tyrese $5 million and then told him to "get off and stay off the Internet" Tyrese has done the exact opposite. He's still posting, voicing his opinion and crying broke.

He posted a teaser on Instagram asking his fans and supporters to tune in to his Facebook Live video at 1:11pm when he would reportedly be making some sort of announcement. What did he do? Post another video saying he's broke, still waiting on those Smith coins, chop it up with Busta Rhymes and appear to be in much better spirits.

Looks like Tyrese has new music in the works and could possibly be digging himself out of his financial hole. It's good to see his friends surrounding him and supporting him during his storm. Oh, there's also a website devoted to his #ShaylaRocks gear if you're interested in supporting his movement.

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