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Spike Lee Brings "She's Gotta Have It" Back to Fans Via Netflix! [WATCH]

If you were a fan of the original Spike Lee Joint "She's Gotta Have It" then you're in luck! The 1986 film has been given an update and will now be a original series offered exclusively on Netflix.

"Last year, Lee and his wife Tonya Lewis Lee, announced they were developing a Netflix series based on the film. The official trailer, which dropped on Thursday, introduces us to the controversial character as she navigates between her three lovers, Jamie Overstreet, Greer Childs and Mars Blackmon.The series is executive produced by the Lee’s and stars, DeWanda Wise as Nola, Lyric Bent as Jamie, Cleo Anthony as Greer and Anthony Ramos as Mars. “She’s Gotta Have It” will drop on Netflix, Thanksgiving Day 2017."

Although it's slightly similar in vibes to HBO's "Insecure" I'm down to watch anything that showcases strong characters and they way they choose to live their lives. Check out the trailer for the reboot below.

This is definitely going on my list of "things to watch" during the holiday season! Are you in or will this be a hard pass for you?

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