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Skin Deep! Dove Ad is Worse Than They Think! [VIDEO]

Dove soap and skincare recently took an "L" for an ad campaign that penetrated more than just the skin. The commercial showed several women removing their shirts and a new woman revealed underneath. The image that got feathers ruffled was the one seen above of the African American woman removing her brown shirt, and skin, to become a w White woman. Look, I know that every company has a marketing team filled with people who have to give the "okay" to run an ad or to put one to bed. WHO GAVE THE OKAY FOR THIS? Watch a clip of the video below.

After tons of us demanded answers from Dove they issued the following apology and removed the commercial.

This "apology" still didn't sit well with the grand citizens of the Internet and the sound off was epic!

But some are saying that the ad wasn't wrong at all. . .

What are your thoughts on this sticky situation? Do you think that Dove "missed the mark" or are people just a little too sensitive these days? Sound off in the comments below.


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