#45 Mispronounces an African Country's Name and the Internet Goes In! [VIDEO]

I'm always down for a good laugh and today, it's courtesy of y'all president. Earlier in a United Nations meeting Trump was making comments on the healthcare systems of various countries and EVIDENTLY was supposed to say NAMIBIA but pronounced it Nambia. Now, it could be that he was reading from a page that was written in all caps because, when the name is written that way you do sort of miss the first "I". . . maybe I'm just reaching and trying to make him NOT look like the kid who didn't do his homework and copied off of the kid in front of him and misspelled everything. I don't know but check out the short clip below.

As if this wasn't enough, the great folks over on Twitter took this mispronunciation and ran with it like Usain Bolt!

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