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M.A.C. Cosmetics Proves it's One in a Million!

If you're an Aaliyah fan then I've got news for you! M.A.C. Cosmetics is bringing us something new from the Aaliyah estate and although it's not music, I'm definitely going to support! After their 2016 success of their Selena line, inspired by the late Queen of Tejano music, the cosmetic giant has decided to do it again with the Princess of R & B.

The M.A.C. Cosmetics company released a statement today saying in part:

"Aaliyah is truly one in a million — an unstoppable icon whose groundbreaking work in R&B music and film inspires us all. Today we join her countless fans in celebrating her with the announcement of the M·A·C Aaliyah collection."

Come through M.A.C.! Just run through my pockets and take my money! Listen, if they've got a deep, rich color in a matte finish, just know I went broke to get it! Will you be joining me?

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