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Beyonce Shows Us All What Ruching Will Do for Your Figure! [PHOTOS]

Any woman who has had a baby, let alone a set of twins, knows how hard it is to get your body back in shape afterwards. Listen, not everyone can be Teyana Taylor and have your six pack back by the end of the week and that includes Beyonce! Although the first photo that was shared by Queen Bey after the twins, Sir and Rumi, were born has some folks thinking that it had been retouched to the gawds, lately her style has been more reflective of a mom who's trying to accentuate her assets and cover the remaining baby pouch.

Beyonce has been spotted sporting high-waist cut-offs to a Kendrick Lamar concert, high-waist "mom jeans" for a roller skating outing and now, ruching that hides every flaw and draws your attention to her best ass. . .sets. Assets! Peep her new look posted in the video below and her other postpartum fashions!

Slay that red gurl!

This is how you hide the lower belly and still look fierce!

And let's not forget the time she showed her new and improved. . . ahem, you get the picture!

This is how you bounce back in style! What do you think of her wardrobe thus far? Post your thoughts in the comments below.

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