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The Ladies of Xscape Ponder Their Biopic! [VIDEO]

There's been buzz since Xscape first decided to reunite earlier this year that a biopic was soon to come and now, we've got some confirmation from the ladies themselves. In a recent video posted to their Instagram and Twitter accounts, the ladies discuss possible casting for the film. Three of the four members (Tiny, Kandi and Tamika Scott) all pitch potential ideas as to who should play them in their movie. Check out this video of the ladies.

In case you need to see pictures,the possible candidates are:

I think Tiny's daughter Zonnique Pullins could actually be a great casting move, especially if she can hit the same high notes as her beloved mother. Kandi is probably better matched with. . . heck, I don't know. I feel like Kandi on this one. It's a tight race between all three of the candidates. Tamika Scott being played by her daughter O'Shun, yup, I can see it. She's already got the head tilt down packed! There's no word yet on who LaTocha Scott would want to play her but this would be hard to cast as well. Let's toss around possible actresses in the comments below!

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