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Well Isn't This a Shocker?!

Looks like Digital Underground is still touring and Shock G has gotten himself in a little bit of trouble!

TMZ reports that:

"Shock G was arrested for possession of drug paraphernalia after a tour stop in Wisconsin. G got busted when cops pulled him over in Rice Lake, WI around 2 AM on June 13. Cops say the license plate of the vehicle was listed to an unlicensed driver ... who was in the passenger seat, while Shock G drove. It's unclear how cops found the drug paraphernalia in the vehicle, but they arrested the now 53-year-old Shock G. He posted a mere $100 bail upon his release."

Digital Underground had been performing with Naughty By Nature just a few days before Shock G's arrest. There is no word yet on if this will effect their current touring schedule. On a lighter note, get into this Digital Underground performance from the 1991 movie "Nothing But Trouble"!

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