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Kenya Moore Reveals Her Husband for Father's Day!

So, Kenya Moore has been married for about a week and is now, slowly, revealing more and more about her new husband.

We first reported a few days ago that Kenya had secretly gotten married on a secluded beach to a man that she had been dating for a little under a year. Other than knowing that he was a business man, we didn't know anything. . . until now!

Moore took to her Instagram to wish her new husband a Happy Father's Day. Dropping little breadcrumbs that he's already fathered children prior to their marriage. In the picture of the happy couple on their wedding day, we get to see more of her husband's face and this is just enough to set the internet bloodhounds on his trail. We haven't dug up his name just yet but trust me, we're working on it. Check out the photos of the Moore's (until we get his last name, he's Mr. Kenya to us) below!

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