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Beyonce Conspiracy! Did She Have Those Babies or Nah?

I read an interesting conspiracy theory that had me take a seat in my thinking chair and ponder for a while. . . We all know that Beyonce has been way more public with this pregnancy than she was when she was pregnant with Blue. She's pretty much chronicled the pregnancy, and her various maternity photo ops on her Instagram page and I've been double tapping every step of the way.

The curious part about this pregnancy to me is the difference in her appearance in the last batch of photos. Late last month the Carter's hosted a "Push Party" and Beyonce's belly was low and ready to blow! Now I know that this specific shape could have been caused by a number of variables. The position of the babies, whether she had eaten a full meal of not (hey Halle Berry) or whether or not she had a full bladder. I've been pregnant, I know how you can wake up with a flat stomach and then look like you're carrying a football team by lunch time. However, when I compared the photo that she had taken on May 20th to the photo that she posted on May 30th, my spidey senses started tingling. . . Take a look and compare for yourself.

Word on the street is that she may have already given birth and they are just posting old pictures to buy them some private time. Jay Z was recently seen out and about at a sporting event without Beyonce and Blue Ivy had a dance recital where it was reported that both of her parents were absent. Something is definitely keeping Bey out of the streets these days.I always thought that the Carters were going to announce the birth of their babies and then, just as an afterthought, Beyonce would drop another surprise album and a documentary of her pregnancy and family life. It's wishful thinking, I know but, a girl can dream can't she? What do you think? Is this just the way the babies are sitting? Did she have too much to eat at the Push Party or do you think they've already had the babies and are keeping the new additions out of the lime light? Post your thoughts in the comments below!

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