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Enough is Enough!

I posted this picture on Facebook just two days ago asking, no begging, men not to start in with anymore questionable fashion decisions and what did they do? They answered me back with something even more hideous!

It's not enough that they started this #RompHim foolishness but now they've taken it as far as #Meggings (learned that word from my daughter, it's supposedly mens+leggings) and this new lacy monstrosity!

What are y'all doing? Trying to out dress your girl this summer? I don't understand what you're aiming for with these looks. Maybe I'm old but I definitely need someone to break this down and explain it to me.

Check out the pictures below and peep the exception!

Is the last photo just the exception because he's sexy and stylish or is it because the romper isn't cutting into his man parts and severing his circulation? We need to discuss this! Catch me in the comments below!

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