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SAY WHAAAAT!?!? Teacher Caught Dragging Student!

Right here, in the city that I live in and have called home my entire life, we have teachers who drag babies through school hallways. I'm not okay with this, the city is outraged and I took to my morning radio show to discuss it!

The teacher who allegedly dragged the 4 year old student, Jenn Lohr, claims that the photo is not what it seems. Lohr stated that the working environment at the school where the child attended was "volatile" as a whole and that the classroom staff had been working since the beginning of the school year with this particular child and his family. Slightly throwing the blame, Lohr says that the child has a history of “unfortunate emotional issues and anger issues”. To me, this doesn't justify dragging someone's child down a hallway. I was raised old school and if you fell out, nobody was dragging you, you were either going to A) lay there or B) get picked up and carried where ever it is you were supposed to go.

She went on the record as saying:

This has been a hot button issue in the community since the day the photo surfaced and of course I had to open up the phone lines! I had tons of callers respond to the invitation to share their opinions and I've posted an opinion from each side in this audio clip of the morning show! Take a listen and share your thoughts in the comments below!

Watch the local coverage of this atrocity below!

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