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17-Year-Old Shoots His Girlfriend, 16, 22 Times After She Learns He was Cheating on Her!

This act of violence is completely baffling!

A 17-year-old boy has been arrested after authorities say he shot and killed his 16-year-old girlfriend while she was walking her dog.

Authorities say Frank Deleon was in a relationship with Diamond Alvarez but that relationship was rocky. Alvarez had recently learned that Deleon was also in a relationship with another girl.

Alvarez asked to meet Deleon in a park so the two could talk and, while she was there walking her dog, Deleon pulled out a gun and shot Alvarez 22 times.

Alvarez's family said they heard gunshots while Alvarez was out walking the dog. The canine returned without her, and they found her shot in the field, dying.

“My son found her,” said Anna Machado, Alvarez's mother, “I tried CPR, and I couldn’t bring her back. I tried so hard to keep her alive. I couldn’t.”

Alvarez walked the family dog every day. Family said she was a sophomore at Madison High School. They described her as a straight-A student who played volleyball and basketball, and planned on going into cosmetology as a career, according to the outlet.

“She was working really hard in school to graduate, and she was getting there,” Machado said, according to The Associated Press. “And she didn’t get to graduate. She didn’t get her diploma. She didn’t get to be a mother, wedding, kids, nothing.”

Deleon has been charged with murder.



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