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13 Year-Old in Stolen Car, Leads Police on a Chase that Ends with One Person Dead.

A 13-year-old boy from Woodland, California is to blame for a series of car accidents, property damage and a woman's death after he allegedly stole a family member's car for a joyride.

Sergeant Victoria Danzl with Woodland Police said an officer spotted a car driving erratically heading northbound on College Street from Main Street.

"He attempted to stop the vehicle, at which time it started to flee from him," said Sgt. Danzl.

Police said that the driver ended up crashing at the intersection of College and Court streets.

Family has identified the woman who died as Tina Vital. Nearly a dozen others were also injured. Three of those injured were minors, including the suspect.

The area was quickly flooded with onlookers who wanted to observe the scene and make sure that none of their loved ones had been injured.

"Whenever there is a high-speed chase, it results in a fatal collision with innocent people," said one Woodland resident who did not want to be identified.

Residents in the area say that this never should have happened with some questioning whether or not the police needed to chase the suspect at all. "It was a very short pursuit, so the hope is that their lights and siren are going to end the behavior that the person is having," said Sgt. Danzl.

That is not what happened tonight as the chase sped through the 25 MPH zone.

"Unfortunately kids are young and they do not see their actions have consequences," said Sgt. Danzl. Unfortunately, today this was pretty significant."

The thirteen-year-old suspect is in the hospital and was detained by police. Woodland PD said he could face charges of vehicular manslaughter.


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